Technical Advantages:
Extension of the service life of structures
Lower maintenance and repair costs
Inactivity to the influence of aggressive environments (chlorine salt, acid and alkaline substances)
Similar thermal expansion coefficient to concrete
Object Name Country Year
Bridge decking
Potter County, Texas, USA
Dry docks
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA
Reinforcement of the slope of sea shore
Novorossiysk, the Russian Federation
  • Coastal structures, especially seaside structures – berths, dry docks, retaining walls, strengthening of slopes of the coastlines;
  • Processing of organic raw materials;
  • Livestock and agricultural complexes;
  • Road pavement, bridge decks where anti-icing reagents are used;
  • Reinforcement of concrete with reinforcing bars using antifreeze agents.

The multicomponent reinforcing frame primarily due to its physical and technical properties is used in the construction of industrial and civil buildings, in bridge construction industry in order to strengthen road infrastructure objects, various concrete fences, stairs, as well as structures used in high corrosive hazard environment. In addition, using this type of reinforcement in the construction of berths of fresh water bodies and seaports to strengthen the coastal line means to make the only right decision.