Меры предосторожности при работе с композитной арматурой

Precautionary Measures

  • Working with reinforcing bars is possible only when using gloves. In this case, thin gloves made of cotton and paper with addition of latex on the inside of the hand palm is the best option. This will ensure maximum comfort and safety of the skin during work.
  • Cutting the required size of reinforcing bars from the main, factory layer shall be performed only with the use of protective eye-wear and in special clothing that tightly covers the whole body. This enhances the protection against fibreglass piles.
  • Work on uncoiling large reinforcing bars coils shall be performed by at least two persons.

Транспортировка бухт арматуры

Transportation of Reinforcing Bars Coils (from 4 mm to 12 mm)

Moving of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars is usually carried out manually.

Coils of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars from 4 mm to 10 mm may be easily transported manually by one person, and 12 mm may be easily rolled around or moved by two persons, since the maximum weight of the coil does not exceed 16 kg. The reinforcing bars  may be carried with one hand or on the shoulder.

But even so, it is required to follow recommendations regarding the maximum fall height of the reinforcing bar coils. It should not exceed a height of half a meter.

Подготовка арматуры из стекла и пластика к монтажу

Preparation of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars for Installation

  1. It is necessary to make preliminary calculations of reinforcing bars, which consist of two indicators – quantity and length.
  2. It is only necessary to uncoil the reinforcing bar coils at the construction site.

The coil shall be uncoiled in a vertical position. Location of the outer end of the rod shall be determined and the packaging elements (clamp, wire, adhesive tape) shall be removed. In this case, the rod rings shall be kept from disintegration.

It is possible to uncoil the reinforcing bars for the required rod length using any of two ways considered to be more convenient according to the experience and practice:

  1. Removing reinforcing bars by the rings side-ward from the coil.
  2. The rolling of the reinforcing bar coil according to the principle of wheel movement leaving a rod of the required length on the site.

In order to avoid self-uncoiling, it is necessary to keep all the rings of the rod near its other end. In order to save time and adhere to the principle of accuracy when uncoiling the reinforcing bar coils, it is better to do it in pairs. As for the reinforcing bar coils of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, it is strongly recommended to uncoil them only in pairs in order to avoid injuries.

Порезка арматуры

Reinforcing Bar Cutting

Cutting of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars shall be performed using a suitable tool depending on the bar thickness. Reinforcing bars of up to 8 mm in diameter are well cut using a bolt cutter or metal cutting snip, and the reinforcing bars having larger diameter shall be cut using an angle grinder or hacksaw.

A circular saw allows cutting several bars in one bundle.

In accordance with safety standards, reinforcing bars cutting shall be performed in protective eye-wear and in special clothing consisting of a dense material covering the entire body.

Вязка арматурного каркаса

Reinforcing Frame Binding

A special steel wire or nylon clamp is used for binding the reinforcement.

Owing to light weight of the frame, reinforcing frame binding does not require special devices. There will be enough space in a small area. And then, the frame elements are conveniently and easily mounted at the place designated for arranging concrete structure.

Установка арматурного каркаса

Installation of the reinforcing frame

When installing the reinforcing frame, it shall be stretched and fixed with clamps at the place of concreting. For this purpose, the couplings previously punched into the ground at the corners of the concrete site shall be used.

After installing the reinforcing frame, it is possible to proceed to concrete the structure.