Technical Advantages:
Increased useful life of the structures by 2-3 times
Convenient transportation and installation
Inactivity to the influence of aggressive environments (chlorine salt, acid and alkaline substances)
Increased water, corrosion and frost resistance
Significant lightening of structures
It does not conduct a heat and there are no cold bridges
Similar thermal expansion coefficient to concrete
Object Name Country Year
Hausmann Residence
Zurich, Switzerland
Kisling Residence
Arnsberg, Germany
House for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (including to electromagnetic fields)
Zurich-Leimbach, Switzerland
  • Strip and panel-wall foundations; ленточные;
  • Concrete structures of earthquake-resistant structures;
  • Driveways, paths, blind areas and floors;
  • Reinforcement of masonry, cast-in-situ strip;
  • Additional reinforcement of floors and walls;
  • Flexible ties for three-layer walls or anchors for external casing.

Developers of low-rise buildings actively use the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars of our production. A loyal price and excellent technical characteristics makes this material more popular in the construction market in comparison with other frames. A very significant factor is the resistance of the reinforcing bars to corrosive processes. Their structure will not destruct under the influence of moisture. Multicomponent fibreglass reinforced plastic bars are completely radio-transparent. But at the same time, this material is electrically tight, comfortable and unpretentious in daily use. Today, the reinforcing bars produced at our plant are ahead of other frame analogues owing to their universal nature and prospects. According to the results of practical research, the reinforcing bars absolutely comply with the standards of modern construction market. Also, there is a great demand for this kind of reinforcement in the construction of buildings with three-layer walls due to the flexible binding materials produced by our company.

The active use of fibreglass flexible connections in the manufacture of panels for the walls of “sandwich” type facilities may be explained by the following:

  1. Poor conductivity of thermal radiation allows increasing the thermal insulation of panel buildings (the thermal resistance of multicomponent reinforcing bars is 40 times higher than the same quality of its steel analogue).
  2. It has an increased resistance to corrosion unlike steel and concrete reinforcing bars.

Коттеджное строительство - рисунок

Fibreglass reinforced plastic bars are especially effective in strengthening foundation slabs. Corrosion resistance and increased strength of the reinforcement makes it economically profitable, and building structures becomes more reliable. Often, it is used for reinforcing strip, column, plate and pile foundations. It is the corrosion resistance of the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars of the Arvit brand that saves the costs for additional concrete layer, and the high tensile and bonding strengths allows achieving maximum level of frame loads.