Arvit Fiberglass Composite Rebar


The use of Arvit fiberglass composite rebar is most effective in concrete structures on elastic basements such as foundations and roads.


Calculation of Arvit fiberglass composite rebar is performed by replacing steel bars with an equal-strength fibre-reinforced plastic analogue.


Please use our on-line order form to place an order for Arvit fiberglass composite rebar. Our manager will contact you within an hour.


Free delivery of the fiberglass composite rebar to the site is possible when ordering not less than 10,000 meters. You may calculate the delivery cost for a smaller order here.


Working with Arvit fiberglass composite rebar is much easier due to their light weight. You can find the instructions, photos and videos of installation process here.

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Отсутствие коррозии

No Corrosion

The main problem which may occur when using the steel bars is the corrosion of its concrete-steel structure. As a result of environmental chemical reactions, corrosion causes great damage to manufacturing and construction enterprises. An excellent solution to this kind of problem is Arvit fiberglass composite rebar.

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Owing to its advantages, Arvit fiberglass composite rebar is more effective construction material compared to its concrete and steel analogues. One of its main advantages is its strength, which allows using reinforcing bars with a smaller cross section. Also, having improved elasticity properties, the reinforcing bars easily roll up into coils,

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When manufacturing Arvit fiberglass composite rebar, only durable material of the highest quality is used including fibreglass roving with a polymeric binder based on epoxy resin. The combination of these components ensures their great reliability thus exceeding the reliability of the steel bars of AIII type.

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Экономия до 50%

Saving of up to 50%

The cost of Arvit fiberglass composite rebar is much lower than the price of their steel analogues. And this is an important factor for the consumer. In addition, due to its light weight and elasticity, which allows rolling it into coils, the frame also saves the consumer’s costs for transportation.

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