We are of interest to you as a Partner if:

  • You want to get new competitive advantages and attract new customers.
  • You want to expand your product range with innovative modern material, as well as get an additional source of income.
  • You are intended to enter a prospective market, provide new horizons for developing your Company.

Being a Partner of «Torgpromkontrakt» Company means:

  • Help customers in saving their money;
  • Expand the territory of your business, increase earnings.

This will be possible due to:

  • Expansion of the product range with a unique product like Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars;
  • Reasonably deliberate, stable pricing policy – strict observance of contractual standards regarding tariffs, as well as partnership conditions;
  • Reliable, respectful attitude for our part – we always train our personnel and implement a joint promotion program;
  • Providing support in negotiations with potential customers and submitting promotional products.

Who may be interested in our products?

  • First of all, organizations or enterprises specializing in the field of object-based sales of building materials.

Often, these companies cannot afford to trade metal frames due to the need for additional equipment on the trading platform. Thus, they cannot fully satisfy the needs of the customer. Owing to light weight and convenient packaging, Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars do not require special storage, cutting or transportation conditions.

Obviously, our products, unlike traditional steel reinforcing bars, solve not only the task of reinforcing concrete at a lower cost, but also increase the reliability and durability of the structure. And their light weight and length of up to 200 m significantly reduce transportation costs, require less manpower, and at the same time make it possible to save up to 20% of the material compared to standard steel reinforcing bars.

  • Among our Partners there are many companies selling wall materials.
    And this is not surprising, since their consumers often need to reinforce the masonry and have no particular desire to go to steel and metal store to order 100-300 meters of frame, as well as its transport.

At the same time, the income of the partner from the client will not be limited to this order, because after completing the laying of bricks, aerated concrete block, foam concrete and cast-in-situ strip, the consumer will often have to reinforce the floors, blinds, walkways, parking lots, driveways, foundations of various structures such as: garage, outbuildings and fences.

Thus, expanding our product range with our cost effective and reliable reinforcing bars will help you to increase the client’s cheque, while satisfying his needs as much as possible.

  • For the companies selling metal products, our Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars are not less interesting than steel bars. On one hand, trading of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars at a steel and metal store leads to internal competition. But on the other – this is a key competitive advantage!

The price of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars can only be compared with the price of the “shorty”, and in this case a fibreglass analogue will be cheaper. There is no such deficiency as the short length of the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars and their length is almost unlimited and may reach up to 200 meters in the coil.

Today, the level of competition is very high among the stores specializing in metal products, while all the prices for their services are absolutely identical. The steel and metal stores cannot interest the client with anything new. However, if the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars are included into the product range, the client searching for a good price will definitely pay attention to your proposal.

  • Information for landscaping companies.

As for landscaping companies, our fibreglass reinforced plastic bars are not just reinforcing material for paving slabs, but also an exclusive design element in the construction of light structures, as well as supports for ornamental plants, grapes, nets for gabions.

Arvit fibreglass reinforced plastic bars fit perfectly into the exterior, are easy to install and resistant to external influences.

  • Non-commercial organizations working with construction projects – contractors, designers or architects – an understanding of all the advantages of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars, the possibilities of working with such material in various climatic conditions, economic benefits, as well as improving the energy efficiency of structures, will expand its portfolio of solutions and the number of customers. The offer of Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars to your Customers will allow you to distinguish your company from the competitors and receive additional income from the Promotion Agent.

For the detailed information about the terms of cooperation please contact us by +38 067 560 88 44 or send a request by e-mail to sales@arvit.com.ua or contact us through the feedback form.

Please specify the following information in your request:

  • Name of company;
  • Structure and activities of the company;
  • Sales region;
  • Stock availability;
  • Recommended turnover.

Main advantages of working with our company are as follows:

  1. Unchanged quality of products;
  2. Flexible pricing policy;
  3. Personnel training and coaching;
  4. Assistance in negotiating with potential buyers.