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    Fibreglass reinforced plastic bars used for concrete structures is manufactured by Torgpromkontrakt Production Company under Arvit trademark. Involving a large network of its distributors operating in the field of general construction materials and metal products, our Company sells its products in Ukraine and abroad.

    The dynamic development of the Company in the international building materials market contributes to the increase of its customers.

    Reducing the use of ore reserves, improving the environmental friendliness of buildings, structures and other facilities, as well as improving their energy efficiency are very important factors for the economy of the customers and the country as a whole.

    Active progress in the use of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars in construction industry contributes to the above-mentioned factors of economic development.

    When laying the foundation of the plant building and constructing its entire structure, only advanced technological processes tested during many years by leading manufacturers of the world were used.

    The manufacture of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars requires special training, professional experience and high qualification. The Company’s experts meet the highest requirements and have good training, which allows us to increase the optimization and efficiency of all production processes, as well as manufacture the best quality products at a stable high level. Our friendly and competent managers having full information about general building materials, metal products and other related issues are always ready to negotiate and provide consultation regarding cooperation with dealers and distributors. Project managers of our Company perform their work depending on the direction of a particular industry of the customers (agricultural and industrial complex, food and chemical industry, real estate developers of various kinds).

    Development of regulatory and documentary base for correct application of multicomponent materials in the construction industry together with the specialists from the Ministry of Regional Development, the Research Institute of Building Structures and design institutes makes it possible to improve the quality of products manufactured by our Company.

    According to the results of studying the experience of leading world companies operating in the construction industry, making calculations on the ratio of all economic indicators, our statisticians came to the conclusion about the need to arrange the replacement of steel frame with fibreglass reinforced plastic bars in various construction industries (such as construction of residential buildings, plants, factories, warehouses, infrastructure objects, bridges, research centres, etc.).


    Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars are produced by the pultrusion method which has proved its effectiveness in terms of consumption of raw materials and ability to automate the production of permanently high quality profiles. Our production technologists pay special attention to high-quality raw materials, glass roving and binding compounds.

    When producing Arvit Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars only roving made by leading manufacturers, who are the suppliers of the largest fibreglass reinforced plastic bar production plants of the world, are used. Our logistics specialists establish long-term relationships with reliable suppliers who strictly fulfil their obligations, both in terms of product quality and terms and conditions of the delivery. Collaboration with strong partners allows us to be the leader in fibreglass reinforced plastic bars market and move the composite building materials industry forward. Our laboratory is used for carrying out regular tests for the manufactured reinforcing bars, as well as tests of products made of each new batch of raw materials. Thus, we do not allow the release of products of inadequate quality. It may be evidenced by the high properties of our products confirmed by the results of tests carried out in the independent certified laboratories. Minimum deviations of characteristics in the results of different tests indicate controlled and stable product quality.


    Torgpromkontrakt Company is actively working with departments of the Ministry of the Regional Construction and the Research Institute of Building Structures in the field of developing regulatory documentation for fibreglass reinforced plastic bars. A test procedure for fibreglass reinforced plastic bars has been developed, the results of which confirm full compliance with the basic requirements for concrete structures reinforcement.