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    You can place your order using the order form available on our web-site. Our professional manager will contact you to clarify details regarding the order and delivery of products, as well as provide additional information.

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      Formation and sending of your order is guaranteed to be carried out within 48 hours from the time of full acceptance of the indent excluding non-business days. In case of high urgency, we are able to ship the products on the day the order is accepted.

      Or you can just give us a call: +38(067) 560-88-44.

      Delivery within Ukraine

      Due to the reinforcing bars lightness and convenience of packaging, their transportation and storage are not problematic and costly. Physical and technical properties of the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars allow their rolling up into coils. In this case, the frame retains its shape and, when uncoiling, straightens as a straight bar. Short distance transportation may be arranged manually with little effort.


      The fee for delivery of products to the customer from Dnepropetrovsk city is 100 UAH. When ordering products from 1000 m, delivery is free within the city. The delivery of reinforcing bars within Ukraine may be arranged using any courier service, where you can also order the products delivery directly to the place of their installation or storage. In this case, the delivery cost depends on the tariffs of the carrier chosen by you and at an average is 2-5% of the product cost.


      When ordering reinforcing bars exceeding 10,000 meters, we will deliver such order anywhere in Ukraine to the place of installation or storage at our own expense within 2 days from the date of payment of the order.

      Transportation Partners

      Transportation of products is carried out on contractual and partnership terms and conditions established by our company with leading carriers of Ukraine, such as “Novaya Pochta”, “Delivery-Auto” and “Intime”. The cost of delivery of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars is absolutely affordable compared to the steel analogue. In addition to weight characteristics, the convenient reinforcing bar packaging also affects the delivery price. For example, when transporting 1000 meters of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars with a diameter of 8 mm, you will receive your order in the amount of 85 kg. The same length of a steel analogue will have a weight of about 900 kg. Subsequently, the delivery amount will be significantly different. Moreover, the delivery of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars directly to the place of storage or use is very convenient.

      Storage and Transportation of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars

      Fibreglass reinforced plastic bars may be transported in 2 way – in coils or cut in case of a larger diameter of the reinforcing bars.

      The reinforcing bar packaging is arranged as bundles transported in a horizontal position in accordance with the applicable goods transportation standards.

      Fibreglass reinforced plastic bars shall be stored on shelves in the exactly same position.

      Storage, transportation and handling shall be carried out avoiding mechanical damage to the reinforcing bars.

      For the purpose of arranging reinforcing bar storage it is necessary to choose a place protected from ultraviolet radiation.

      Failure to comply with these rules by the sellers and manufacturers with respect to fibreglass reinforced plastic bars may have a negative impact on their qualitative characteristics. The employees of our company have a meaningful approach to the performance of work on storage and transportation of the reinforcing bars.

      Vehicle Types used for the Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Bars Delivery

      Fibreglass reinforced plastic bars may be transported both using heavy duty vehicles and light duty vehicles in case of small volumes. In addition, an order for up to 1000 meters can be delivered to the site even by passenger car.