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    Delivery within Ukraine

    As far as is known, fibreglass reinforced plastic bars owing to their unique properties may be rolled up into coils for transportation and storage, and at the same time, the shape remains the same after uncoiling and the bars straighten themselves into straight bars. Its light weight allows making coils convenient for carrying manually with one hand if their length does not exceed 200 m with a diameter of 100 cm. Convenient and lightweight reinforcing bars packaging simplifies their transportation.


    Delivery within Dnepropetrovsk city is free when ordering reinforcing bars from 500 m. In case of a smaller order volume, the delivery price will be 50 UAH. Reinforcing bars delivery in Ukraine may be carried out by any courier service to anywhere in the country where there is a carrier branch. You can also order delivery directly to the site.


    We deliver the orders for reinforcing bars from 10,000 meters at our own expense to any corner of Ukraine directly to your site or warehouse. Moreover, in 90% of cases the orders are shipped within 2 days after payment of the order.

    Delivery Partners

    Our main delivery partners are “Novaya Pochta”, “Delivery-Auto” and “Intime”. Delivery of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars, unlike metal bars, is much cheaper and more convenient. For example, when transporting 1000 meters of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars with a diameter of 8 mm, the total reinforcing bars volume will weigh about 85 kg, and 1000 meters of steel reinforcing bars (12 mm) will weigh about 900 kg! Therefore, the cost of delivery of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars is much lower compared to the delivery of steel reinforcing bars. Delivery of fibreglass reinforced plastic bars to the place of use is one of the important advantages of our enterprise.

    How are the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars transported and stored?

    Transportation of the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars is mainly carried out in coils with a diameter of up to ø12 mm or cuts in case of a larger diameter of reinforcing bars.

    The reinforcing bars are packed in bundles and transported in a horizontal position in accordance with the goods transportation standards applicable for the appropriate vehicles. Packed fibreglass reinforcing bars shall also be stored in a horizontal position preferably on the store shelves. During storage, transportation and handing operations any mechanical damage to the reinforcing bars shall be avoided. During storage it is required to avoid exposure of the reinforcing bars to ultraviolet radiation.

    Not all sellers and manufacturers of fibreglass reinforcing bars monitor the compliance with these conditions. This affects the quality of the reinforcing bars transferred to the customer. Our company is distinguished by a meaningful approach to the storage and transportation of the reinforcing bars.

    What type of vehicle should be used for delivery of the fibreglass reinforced plastic bars?

    Fibreglass reinforcing bars are delivered both by heavy duty vehicles and light duty vehicles such as GAZelle in case of small volumes. Volumes of up to 1000 meters may be delivered to the site even by passenger car.